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December 2014 Issue


Gluten-Free Appetizers
RDs share their favorite recipes that everyone can enjoy this holiday season and beyond.

Up Close and Personal With Andrew Weil
Today's Dietitian sits down with acclaimed nutrition and health guru Andrew Weil, MD, who shares his vision for dietitians' role in public health.

Update on Infant Formulas
Over the years, manufacturers have introduced new, innovative varieties and categories. Learn what's available and how to help clients and patients choose what's best for their babies.

Beans and Grains — The Perfect Pairing
Combining beans and grains in a single meal has a rich history in ancient culinary practices. Experts discuss the health benefits and how clients can boost their intake.

Intermittent Fasting — The Key to Long-Term Weight Loss?
Some believe it's another fad diet, while others view it as a plausible method for shedding unwanted pounds. 

CPE Monthly: Substance Abuse and Nutrition
This continuing education course reviews the effects of substance abuse as they relate to nutrition and health, and addresses the role RDs play during treatment to correct nutrition-related deficiencies, address resulting health disparities, and improve the lives of addicts by providing tools for lasting recovery.

2015 Annual Resource Guide


Editor's Spot
Infant Formula Innovations

Reader Feedback

Ask the Expert

Conference Currents
The Best Highlights of FNCE®

Digestive Wellness
Entering the World of Prebiotics

Plant-Based Diets
Fabulous Fungi

Community Matters
Meals That Heal

Supplement Spotlight
Magnesium's Relationship to Bone Health

Focus on Fitness
Get Ready to Hit the Slopes



Culinary Corner
Apples and Butternut Squash



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