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Enjoying Ancient Grains
From amaranth to quinoa, they offer a wealth of nutrients and can add much-needed variety to your clients’ and patients’ diets.

The Link Between Diet and Arterial Health
While there are many other factors that contribute to the development of cardiovascular disease, the good news is a nutritious diet can help maintain a clear, flexible, healthy circulatory system.

Electronic Medical Records
Transitioning from paper charts to EMRs can facilitate patient visits and help you run your practice more efficiently.

The Frailty Syndrome
Although it lacks a standardized clinical definition, the frailty of older adults demands special considerations in terms of treatment and nutritional needs.

Gluten-Free Pastas
Here’s a review of the new options on the market plus cooking tips for delicious homemade meals.

Atlanta Dining
If you’re headed to the Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo next month, get ready to discover Atlanta’s intriguing dining scene. Today’s Dietitian asked some of Atlanta’s top food experts to weigh in on what’s hot in the city’s food scene.

CPE Monthly: Curcumin and Inflammatory Diseases
This continuing education course reviews inflammation’s impact on most chronic disease states, curcumin’s potential role in preventing and treating these diseases, curcumin’s main mechanisms of action, and evidence-based recommendations for dietary intake of curcumin that RDs can provide to their clients.


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Diet and Alzheimer's

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Mapping the Gut Microbiome

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Nigella Sativa

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Fish Oils and Cognitive Function

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Food Allergy Management In Restaurants

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Making Peace With Beets


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