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The Gut Microbiota — Is It a Novel Contributor to the Obesity and Diabetes Epidemics?
Research shows strong associations between the types and amount of gut bacteria and these chronic conditions.

Spotlight on Sodium — How Much Is Too Much, and How Little Is Too Little?
With so much confusion surrounding sodium recommendations, experts discuss what dietitians and other health professionals should be advising their clients and patients to do.

Saturated Fat — Not So Bad or Just Bad Science?
Today's Dietitian spoke with experts to examine the evolving research on the link between saturated fat and cardiovascular disease.

Farewell to the 3,500-Calorie Rule
Researchers have developed new mathematical formulas RDs can use to more accurately predict the rate of weight loss in patients.

Holiday Desserts for Diabetes Patients
Dietitians offer strategies clients and patients can use to enjoy their favorite sweets of the season.

CPE Monthly: Dietary Influences on Lung Cancer
This continuing education course explores the latest research on diet and the risk of lung cancer and discusses common nutrition-related consequences of the disease. RDs can apply the research to reduce their clients' risk of developing lung cancer and improve the lives of those being treated for the disease.


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